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My Childhood Artwork 

‚ÄčI'm sure that paint is circulating through my veins! I've always seen things "outside the box." As a small child, I proudly drew all over our living room walls with the most glorious, thick pink marker. In second grade, I painstakingly carved a beautiful design into a worn out, neglected old wooden desk. I learned that I had the skill of an engraver when I etched my signature into the side of our dull, 70's brown refrigerator. With scissors, needle and thread, I created a beautiful wardrobe for myself out of remnants and old sheets. In my childhood imagination, everything was my canvas and there were no limits to my creations!

Fast forward to adulthood... I've learned that not everything is MY canvas... Not everyone will always appreciate MY vision...

Want to know a secret though? I still envision every surface as a canvas... every loose bead and every broken dish as 3 dimensional art... and don't even get me started on fabric... the possibilities are endless!

From beads to fabric or simple drawings to complex murals, I am available for all your creative needs. Challenge me!

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